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How To Date An African Man

6 September 2018

Have you ever been in an intercultural relationship? Specifically with someone from Africa? We guess one could say that all relationships have the usual problems like misunderstandings, differences in opinions, and whatnot. That is actually true in a way, but not all the time. Because cultural background also plays an important role in an interracial relationship.

Every relationship is unique, but how to make it work sorely depends how badly you want it to work and if there’s room for improvement somewhere.

Now when you’re dating an African, here is a list of things you should know and do:

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  1. Cultural differences will always be present

    Most people think that dating an African man will have no difference in dating men from other ethnic groups. In some cases that’s correct, but in most cases especially in interracial dating, cultural differences will always be there lurking in the corner of the room.

    Culturally speaking, African men want to protect you and support you in your dreams. Africa is a vast continent and depending on which nation he grew up or his personality, they would most possibly want to take charge and do the responsibilities himself. So before you both initiate for a serious relationship, it’s important to know your role in it. Are you the provider? Or more like the supporter?

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  2. Get ready to meet a lot of family members

    The average African family consists of at least four or more immediate family members (learn more). In a westerner’s perspective, those kinds of families are large and expensive to support. That’s where an African guy builds his personality of being in control and wanting to provide. They believe family is their priority. Does anything to give their family a good life

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    When your African boyfriend does start letting you meet his family slowly or all at once, don’t be surprised if you’re going to be introduced and shake hands with his relatives.

  3. Get your cooking skills ready

    To be completely honest, African men are more in between the modern and traditional side. They like a smart and independent woman, but still, someone who knows her ways in the kitchen. Food really is the way to a man's heart.

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    They go head over heels for women who have a talent for cooking. Take the time to learn how to cook his country’s traditional meals. This will give him the impression that you were being thoughtful and made the effort of learning about his culture.

  4. Be yourself

    Do you want to be loved for who you really are or for the persona that you’ve acted out?

    Even if your intentions aren’t bad, lying about who you are is not a good way to start a relationship. It’s also unfair for the other person involved that you’ve somehow manipulated them and yourself into thinking that you’re this type of person.

    it would be awkward for everybody involved if your true personality starts peeking out later on, then it would eventually explode to his face later on.

  5. Lots of patience and understanding

    It perfectly normal for relationships to have problems and misunderstandings (if you’ve been in a relationship without, then there’s something big going wrong.) But in interracial relationships, you’ll be facing more of those misunderstandings because of cultural differences.

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    That’s why patience, learning each other's culture, and understanding their personality is necessary since traditions alone don’t define a person. The key is to keep communication open. Tell your partner how you feel when they do this and discuss where you both could learn from that to grow better as people together.

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  6. Be prepared to be judged

    When it comes to interracial dating, stereotypes and unwanted comments will always be there to slap you both in the face with a brick. This is not something we can stop as other people themselves have to be the ones who have to keep up and accept that love is not based on ethnicity or skin color.

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    Two of the most common stereotypes if they see you dating someone from Africa is one: they’re only after your money, and two is they have STD. Whenever you hear one, just don't pay those comments any mind. They have no say, whatsoever in the relationship.

    You date who you want to date.

    Besides, you know what your partner is really like. So don’t get offended about their comments. Just live your life and keep on loving each other. Stay strong together.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing that you should take from this article is to only focus on making your relationship work. Spend some time together, get to know each other better, and grow together as a couple.

Whether you’re looking for an African man or currently dating one right now, just make sure to stay genuine and give out lots of patience and understanding. As what a normal relationship would need.

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