TrulyAfrican: Site Features and How to Use Them

When you’re new to online dating, learning how the site works can be taxing. Figuring out how to update your profile, share your photos, and search for specific users can take time. Instead of investing it on looking for your match right from the start. But with TrulyAfrican, not only we have provided our users with easy-to-use features, we’ve also provided you with a walk through on what those features are and how to use them.


Found a member who caught your eye? Get noticed by letting them know your interested in getting to know them. Send an interest by visiting a member’s profile through the Latest Online list or search.

Members with the latest online activity

On their profile, click on Show Interest found on the bottom portion of the screen. That member will then receive a notification.

How to show interest on TrulyAfrican


Make sure to have a list of members you like by adding them into your list of favorite members. To do that, go to the member’s profile through the Latest Online list or search.

Step one on adding a member to your favorites

After you’ve arrived on their profile, select Add Favorite located on the bottom-right section of your screen. When you visit the Favorites page, you’ll see their profile listed on the page.

Step two on adding a member to your list of favorites

Browse Profiles

After joining TrulyAfrican, you have the luxury of browsing profiles in an instant. We have developed two ways to browse profiles. First in looking at profiles through the Latest Online list. In here, you’ll see African singles from all kinds of ages and countries. This is best if you’re trying to broaden your search.

Browse currently online members

Search Profiles

If your looking for members who fit the qualities that you’re looking for, then our Advanced Search feature is the way to go.

To start, click the search icon found on the top most section of your screen. It’s the one with the magnifying icon.

Step one in searching member profiles

Once you’ve arrived on the Search Members page, you’ll see a form just like the one below. You’ll have to answer the questions asked. Remember that you don’t have to answer everything on the form. Once that’s done, click START SEARCH.

Step two in searching member profiles

You will then be shown a series of profiles that fit the description you’ve entered.

Step three in searching member profiles

Share Photos

Photos are a great tool for putting some life on your profile. It is used to attract members by showing some insights on how you live your life and what you’re looking for in a partner. With us, sharing your photos has been made easier.

Share your photos by going to online dating profile then select Add Photos found on the bottom-right section of the page.

How to share photos step one

Be sure to select photos that pass these requirements. Select the album on where you want to save your photos. Once that’s done, click Upload Photo. Reminder: All photos will be manually reviewed before they appear on your profile.

How to share photos step one


Get the full African chat experience. It’s time to let your match know your intentions by sending a message. To do that, head over to the member’s profile and select Send Message on the bottom-left section of the page. Make sure to send out polite but interesting and witty messages. Don’t forget to use the emojis, they just make the conversation much more interesting.

How to send a message to a member on TrulyAfrican

With an interactive and user-friendly environment, it’s no wonder that TrulyAfrican is considered to be one of the most trusted online dating sites for Africans on the web. Be a part of our ever growing online community full of beautiful African singles now and start your journey finding a perfect match.