• TrulyAfrican Dating a South African Single You Need This!

    Dating a South African? You Need This!

    The experience of dating a South African single is definitely unique. And if you fell in love with one by chance, count yourself lucky. South Africans are generally heartwarming and highly hospitable—which shouldn’t come as a surprise, as they are known for being friendly and welcoming. When you date someone from the country, exciting adventures, delicious food, and beautiful culture are just one of the many things to anticipate. Things to Consider Before Dating a South African If you’re here to try South African dating, you’ve come to the right spot. This blog will cover some rough dating advice, where to meet South Africans, and anything else you need to…

  • TrulyAfrican Signs You’re Only a Rebound | via Pexels by RODNAE Productions

    Seven Signs You’re Only a Rebound

    We all know someone who jumped into a relationship shortly after an end of a significant—perhaps long-term—romantic relationship. While we don’t want to seem judgemental, we all know deep down that that person’s new partner is most definitely a rebound. When we don’t leave enough time to lick our wounds and develop insight into why that connection didn’t work, we—indirectly—sabotage our subsequent relationships.  Being in a rebound relationship can be a hit-and-miss business. It could be a challenge for some but a curse to others. Do you feel like your partner’s treating you like a rebound? Our tips below should help. Seven Signs You’re a Rebound Some people intentionally enter…

  • TrulyAfrican African Wedding Traditions to Honor Your Heritage

    African Wedding Traditions to Note

    If you’re a romantic, you must have dreamt about your wedding day for so long. You must have imagined how it should look or how much of your identity should reflect in your wedding. Truly, your wedding day is all about you and your partner. Hence, incorporating your tradition into your big day should be ideal. Adding some African wedding traditions would be a beautiful chance to honor your heritage and embrace your identity. Rituals and Ceremonies Africans Follow on Their Wedding Day African weddings have rituals unique to every region. Nonetheless, local ceremonies are commonly beautiful and solemn.  Common Rituals and Ceremonies Many locals who prefer contemporary wedding rituals…

  • TrulyAfrican What Interracial Dating in South Africa Looks Like

    Interracial Relationship in South Africa 101

    An interracial relationship in South Africa is easier said than done. Finding genuine love has become challenging in this time and age where casual relationships are a thing. Hence, being in a relationship with a South African single in this age of nonchalance is somewhat brave. Beyond that, an interracial relationship in South Africa is impressive as it clearly shows that society has developed and become progressive. And this also means that a lot more people are becoming open-minded to cross-cultural love. Without a doubt, your South African love story will be worth a shot. The question is, are you willing to work for it? A head’s up; you will…

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