• TrulyAfrican Steps to Nailing an IRL Date with Your Online Friend

    Steps to Nailing an IRL Date with Your Online Friend

    The pandemic has made us so dependent on online dating that we tend to forget that an IRL date is always better. The spark or rush can be twice as fun and exciting when you date someone in person. But, inviting someone out for a hang-out isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people hate asking others out for dinner or drinks as it gives them anxiety, panic, and a great deal of sweating. If you belong to the latter part of the spectrum, this month’s blog will be your savior! We rounded up the easiest steps you can track when asking someone out. These tips will also work well for…

  • TrulyAfrican: Eight Ways to Know if It’s Love or Lust

    Eight Ways to Know if It’s Love or Lust

    How do you prove if it's love or lust? Does it feel like having butterflies in your stomach, feeling giddy when you're together, and constantly daydreaming about your life together? Or, does it feel secure, calm, and being home—at last? To hit all your answers confidently, let's talk about the difference between love and lust. Let's also figure out how to tell if it's actually love or lust.

  • TrulyAfrican Moving on from a Bad Breakup

    Moving on from a Bad Breakup

    Moving on from a bad breakup is nothing like how they show it in romantic comedy movies and television series. It’s impossible for someone to magically heal a broken heart after watching a sad movie while eating a tub of ice cream and crying all night. In reality, mourning a lost love can be agonizing and may feel like being stuck at rock bottom. Those first few weeks can make you feel like your world has crumbled in. During this whole time, you find yourself falling into self-destructive patterns. Why moving on is so hard The people in your life must have advised you that there are more fish in…

  • African dating

    Romantic African Dating Spots for Valentine’s Day

    February’s here, which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. To every lovestruck couple out there, advanced Happy V-Day to you all! We hope your African dating adventure is sailing smoothly. Now, people usually celebrate Valentine’s Day by going on dates. Don’t be surprised if stores run out of roses and chocolates—you know it’s February when these two items are flying off the shelves! If you’re single, don’t get too down in the dumps—you can go out on dates too! They don’t always have to be with a significant other; your friends or family make for great companions too. But if you’re one of those loved-up folks, good for…

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