What to Expect When Dating Egyptian Singles

Have you hit things off with an Egyptian single and are now looking for tips to take things to the next level? Or are you actively trying to join the Egyptian dating scene and need pointers to help your search? Do you want to meet Egyptian singles online? Signing up for a location-specific website, such as an Egyptian dating site like Truly African, could significantly help your search!

Whichever question it is that led you here, we have the answers. Whip out your pens and take notes, because we’ll be sharing helpful tips on what to expect when dating Egyptian singles. Of course, it’s not a one-size-fits-all handbook. Still, it will give you a general insight into Egyptians’ culture and lifestyle and hopefully help you understand your partner (or potential partner) better.

Let’s dive into details real quick so you can put your best foot forward and enjoy dating!

Dating Egyptian Singles: Things You Should Know

1. Be ready to adjust to cultural differences

Since you searched for tips on relating to Egyptian singles, we think it’s safe to assume that you’re a foreigner. So the first thing you need to know, if you didn’t already notice, is that Egypt’s culture and lifestyle may be vastly different from what you’re familiar with.

The taboo of one society is the norm of another, so what is appropriate in your culture may be considered taboo in Egypt, and vice versa. Prepare your mind to be open to learning, adjusting, and adapting. You’ll be doing a lot of that when you’re dating Egyptian singles.

2. Egyptians like to cover up

In Egypt, the predominant religion is Islam. So, Egyptians tend to be very conservative and modest in dressing. Many women wear hijabs and skirts or dresses. To dress otherwise is unusual and, at worst, impolite in their culture.

If you’re a foreign woman dating an Egyptian man, he may try to make you dress like the locals, different from what you’re used to. That can get annoying, we know, but he’s probably trying to protect you from getting embarrassing stares in public. If you can, endeavor to cover your head with a scarf and wear clothes that are not too revealing, unless you don’t mind the stares. 

Sometimes, a bold Egyptian or someone who feels strongly about being a custodian of the culture could walk up to you and tell you to fix up with your dressing. That’s just the way Egyptians roll, and you’ll need to prepare for it.

For men, the unspoken dress code is not as strict but there’s still a pattern. Local males in Egypt wear gallabiyahs, a long tunic that reaches the ankle. In more urban areas like Alexandria, males wear more Western clothing, but shorts are sometimes still frowned upon.

You should know that Egypt is probably not the place to show off your banging bikini bod or your ripped abs. Save those for the ‘gram, maybe.

Conservative Egyptian singles

3. Family is everything

Egyptian families are very close-knit, and parents always keep a close eye on their children’s activities. Most Egyptian families do not allow their children to ‘date’ because it is against the Islamic religion’s dictates to date before getting married. If you leave it to the older Egyptian generation, there is no such thing as ‘getting to know each other’ or ‘being in the talking stage with someone.’

So if things get serious with your Egyptian partner and they decide to introduce you to their family, brace yourself for quite some opposition. They may not always welcome you with open arms and ask what the weather’s like in your country. They may outrightly show their displeasure at your ‘un-Egyptianness.’ 

Don’t take the rejection too personal; instead, communicate with your partner. If you guys have a solid bond, you can fight for your chance at a happy ending.

It is more likely for a local Egyptian man to get serious with a foreign partner than for a woman to do the same. There are exceptions, though, and some Egyptian women prefer to date foreigners.

4. ‘Dating’ is an alien culture to Egyptians

If you come from a Western culture where dating is normal and acceptable, the Egyptian dating scene will shock you. Islam does not permit dating or even social interaction between opposite sexes. So the process of meeting someone is also still arranged by some families. Typically, the process starts with a khatba, a traditional matchmaker, to bring a prospect to meet the family. After an hour so, an Egyptian man or woman can decide whether they will marry them. 

But many Egyptians are looking for other ways to meet people. That’s why we created Rometic and TrulyAfrican to help more Egyptians get matched with suitable partners.

More Egyptians are online because of the social norm restrictions and easier access to the internet. Besides, going out is expensive for most people, so dating Egyptian singles online is a more affordable option. That’s good news for you if you’re still looking for an Egyptian single to date.


5. Egyptians don’t do PDA

If you haven’t already gotten the gist of what it’s like to be dating an Egyptian, let’s spell it out. Don’t get touchy-feely! Especially when you’re in public, keep your hands off your partner. 

Egyptians typically frown at any kind of public display of affection, so it is in your best interest to keep your hugs and kisses private. If you need something to show your love in public, try a smile.

Egyptian culture

6. They take marriage seriously

Egyptian women are almost always under enormous pressure to marry; that’s the society in which they grew up. Families groom their female children with the ambition to marry them off, so don’t take it a certain way if your partner is steering your relationship towards a more lasting arrangement like marriage. 

Suppose you’re also ready to marry – great! Time to meet the family. If you’re not in a hurry to tie the knot, communicate with your partner. Explain that you still need time to get to understand them and let them do the same with you. Some people get scared at the thought of such significant commitment and end up abandoning the relationship altogether. If you’re rolling with us, you should do better than that.

7. There is a “gender rulebook”

Two words about gender roles in Egypt: strictly conventional. Egyptian folks believe that the man is the provider and the woman is the caregiver. Of course, like all things considered ‘general’, there are exceptions to this, but until you find out what side of your partner’s coin is on, work with that basic knowledge.

Egyptian women take on jobs like nursing and more contemporary jobs like journalism in recent times. Still, the acceptable thing is that the man pays for everything in the relationship. Even if a man isn’t married and has a family of his own, he is expected to support his unmarried sisters and parents. Men that can’t are typically seen as losers and deserters. Women are expected not to speak too much or be too loud. 

Because Egyptian women were raised with this kind of thinking, it is more likely that they would favor a partner that can provide for them. This has led many people to believe that Egyptian women are materialistic, but you can see that that’s not the case.

So if you’re looking for a partner that will share the cost with you and split bills, you may be looking for a needle in a haystack.

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8. Jealousy is common

We have to let you know that Egyptian people believe that if your partner is a jealous lover, they’re incredibly attracted to you. To Egyptians, if you’re not showing that you’re possessive, then you’re indifferent and don’t genuinely care about your partner. So, here’s a tip: if your Egyptian partner is stressing you over who you’re talking to or hanging out with, don’t take it as a flaw.

They’re showing that they’re really into you. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, try talking things out with them and reassuring them of your commitment.

9. Everyone is watching you

One important thing to learn when you’re dating Egyptian singles is they have a conservative culture.

Because of the religious views of Egyptians, premarital sex is highly frowned upon. They restrict many activities that could encourage ‘hooking up’- clubs are few, alcohol is haram (not permitted). Egyptian unmarried couples cannot book a hotel room together, but foreign couples can. Because the communities are mostly rural, older people are always keeping the youths in check.

Egyptians have gatekeepers or doormen called bawabs. These bawabs are the ones that man entrances to major social places and will rat you out if you are engaging in any activity that they consider contrary to the Egyptian culture. They’re like the FBI, only more physical, more present, and they don’t hide proof of their intrusion. 

So, good luck getting your girlfriend into your apartment if you have an Egyptian doorman. He might tell on you and get you in trouble with the landlord. 

10. Stay hopeful

Hey, look up! There’s hope. If you’re already dating an Egyptian, understanding each other can make things work. Successful foreigner-Egyptian love stories can last for years, and some even end up in marriage. You can check out our TrulyAfrican success stories if you’re looking for some inspiration!


Dating Egyptian singles or intercultural dating in general can be quite an adventurous and exciting experience because it opens avenues to get educated about distinctly different lifestyles from yours. At its core, dating is really about understanding your quirks and perks, and that of your partner, too. No matter what tricks or pickup lines you get, what is more important is understanding your partner from the perspective of their background and experiences, and figuring out what makes them tick and what doesn’t.

Intercultural dating goes beyond having butterflies in your stomach – it takes a lot of conscious effort to make it work. If you’re taking that bold step, we’re rooting for you, and we’re here to make that journey as easy and as exciting as possible! 

We hope this article has given you enough insight into figuring out what makes your Egyptian partner act the way they do.

Use this knowledge to improve your relationship with them – and who knows? You two may just be our next Egyptian success story! Good luck!

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