The Complete Guide to the 10 Best Cities In Morocco

Full of vibrance, attraction, and culture, the best cities in Morocco are flooded with magnificence. From the sensational Atlas Mountains extending throughout the country to the shining blue ocean diverging with gold desert sands. The nation is undoubtedly home to fantastic cities, each adding to Morocco’s one of a kind scene and culture.

The mysterious nation of Morocco has attracted foreign tourists for centuries and has always been one of Africa’s most-visited countries. Morocco’s popularity lies in its central role in the continent and its unique position; the nation has seen numerous impacts inculcated with its own Berber traditions. Every single one of Morocco’s cities has something unique to offer its tourists.

For the best tips on where to go in Morocco, keep reading to hear our picks for the best cities in Morocco that you can visit! We’ve even included some bonus tips, lodging ideas, and sample itineraries for your Morocco trip.

1. Asilah

A dazzling coastline city on the northern bank of the country, Asilah has a rich and diverse history. With roots that go way back to the sixteenth century when it was on the Phoenicians’ principal trade course, it was subsequently caught by the Portuguese before going under Moroccan rule in the 17th century. Each progressive culture and society has left its sign on the town, making cutting-edge Asilah a charming showcase of Morocco’s novel heritage. A Portuguese stronghold inclines over the cliffs, while captivating blue and white Moroccan houses line the roads.

Stroll around the old city and find the artistry and tradition overflowing from each road. The shoreline promenade gives the ideal spot for an easy pedal past the sea’s beautiful bistros and perspectives.

2. Chefchaouen

Situated in the north of Morocco with striking Rif mountains, Chefchaouen is notable for its remarkable blue houses settled against the mountain landscape’s rough brown and green. The city cascades over the mountainside with each new level uncovering more novel structures, vivid plants, and charming restaurants.

The old quarter of the town is strongly influenced by Islamic and Andalusian structures, from the blue-painted dividers and red-tiled rooftops to notorious keyhole-formed entryways and tiled entries twisting through the city. Despite its new increasing reputation and tourist exchange, Chefchaouen stays an ideal spot to experience an untainted and one-of-a-kind Morocco.

With a blend of both Moroccan and Andalusian impacts, this town is a stronghold of innovativeness and advancement. It is also the ideal spot to take a vacation for a couple of days, enjoy delightful food, talk with local people, and wander in the encompassing hills.

3. Essaouira

Located on the west bank of Morocco, along the stunning ocean and delicate sandy seashores, Essaouira is one of Morocco’s treasured gems, to a great extent avoiding hordes of sun-chasing vacationers because of its windy environment. Aside from the astonishing natural beauty that encompasses the town, Essaouira is home to striking structures, attractive souks, and a clamoring harbor loaded up with stunning colorful boats.

From the harbor rise the city dividers, drawing around vivid commercial centers, white-washed houses, and winding back streets. The city dividers likewise show off a lovely perspective of the environment, from the city’s clumped buildings to the Iles Purpuraires from a long way off.

The walls of the old city and the harbor add profundity to the city’s set of experiences and, with its little paths and old roads, the walls of the old city make for the ideal spot to get lost and find new and fascinating insider facts tucked away among the walls.

4. Fes

As Morocco’s second-biggest city, Fes has all the one-of-a-kind appeal and character of a much more modest town. The city is home to Fes el Bali, a medina that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its multifaceted twisting design of rear entryways, souks, and patios for including the world’s oldest university. All in all, the city highlights numerous exceptional instances of Islamic structures, from antiquated madrasas to great mosques, all perfectly crafted with tiling and Arabesque designs making the city similar to an outdoor historical museum.

5. Ifrane

Ifrane is one of Morocco’s most impressive urban communities, looking more like a Swiss mountain town than its own nation’s desert towns and Moorish structure. The town’s modern elegance is generally because of French settlers. They built the city as a spot to escape during the summer season. Ifrane is high in the Atlas Mountains with snowfalls throughout the winter season. With attractive clusters of European-propelled chalets, the city is remarkable for its vast quantities of parks and gardens, making a desert garden of richness and serenity inside the rushing about of Moroccan life.


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6. Marrakech

One of Morocco’s most well known urban cities, Marrakech has become an inescapable location lately for those wanting to experience the excellence of Moroccan history and culture. The old city is acclaimed for its bountiful business sectors, with a labyrinth of back streets and souks uncovering new fortunes every step of the way, including fragrant spices, vivid textiles, shining lights, and gems. The encompassing scene around the city is similarly stunning as the desert’s moving sands spread out from the town, meeting the snow-covered Atlas Mountains somewhere far off. 

Marrakech is an occupied and manic city, making it one of the best cities in Morocco. Jemaa el-Fnaa is the primary commercial center in the city’s medina, and it is a hot and squeezed insight for the vast majority. Because of this, everything is available here, from monkeys to clothes.

Dealers call out to clients to pester and captivate trading for merchandise as this is the standard. When dusk comes, the principal square changes and gives way to stalls with steaming food. Even though it doesn’t appear to be possible, the city becomes an even more animated, dynamic, and extravagant travel destination.

7. Meknes

Meknes’s memorable city is one of Morocco’s numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, acquiring a spot on the rundown for its unmistakable mix of structural styles, stunning landmarks and monuments, and well-maintained heritage. Strengthened walls encompass the city with nine entryways to the city, each uniquely adorned with tile work and arabesque designs. Meanwhile, the city itself is loaded up with magnificence and beauty, from the grand Dar El Makhzen castle to the various mosques, hammams, gardens that enliven the streets, and Spanish-Moorish styles competing for attention Islamic and European-inspired structures.

8. Merzouga

Situated in the Sahara Desert in southeastern Morocco, Merzouga is significantly gorgeous in its isolation. Extended lengths of delicate sand and transcending dunes stretch everywhere, only broken by local people or lines of camels. This isolated city is charmingly little and can you can tour it effortlessly by walking, with red sandstone structures mixing beautifully into the glow of the desert. Merzouga is incredibly phenomenal during dawn and dusk. This is when the sun transforms the town and ridges into a changing scene of bronzes, golds, pinks, and oranges.

9. Ouarzazate

The doorway to the Sahara Desert, Ouarzazate sits toward the south of the High Atlas Mountains. Meanwhile, the gigantic Taourirt Kasbah, an incredible castle built in the 19th century, towers over the city. The castle flaunts stunning perspectives across the rocky, red scene. In fact, you may have even seen it before in numerous blockbuster films. Because of this, the actual city has numerous alternatives for lodgings and small, cost-effective local cuisines to appreciate. Likewise, the city’s situation means that it’s not challenging to take road trips to neighboring sites like the Ait Benhaddou, a fantastically safeguarded kasbah.

10. Taroudant

Taroudant is a beautiful spot to visit because it is a traditional Berber city in the Sous Valley of southern Morocco. The town thrived in the sixteenth century, turning into a midpoint for trade and culture. Because of its spices, rice, and cotton products pursued in its markets, Taroudant became the place on everybody’s lips. Its excellent heritage and beautiful architecture remain visible in the present day. The first walls still dramatically surround the town. Inside, the souks show local crafts and lavishly weaved covers, and remain the most notable markets in the whole country.

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