Dating Moroccans: How to Make the Relationship Work

Dating Moroccan singles is hard work, almost impossible, or at least that’s what everyone thinks. Many people believe that Moroccans don’t date because of the nature of their social and religious beliefs. But let’s clear that up real quick- Moroccans do date, and Moroccan dating does exist.

However, much of the dating done in traditional Morocco is hush-hush, and people don’t flaunt their partners or show proof of their association with the opposite sex. So Morocco is not the place where you should kiss at a restaurant or hold hands and skip happily down the road because you’re so in love. We’ll get to why in a bit. So if you’ve hit things off with a Moroccan and you’re hitting roadblocks because being with the person you love seems impossible, we’re here to help you.

First, like we always do, let’s have a little background into Morocco so you can really understand how things are (if you don’t already know), and why things are the way they are.

Dating in Morocco

Moroccans are exotic, sensual people. So we understand if you are hung up on dating Moroccans, and you’re looking to make things work out. With their caramel, olive skin, and lush hair, it is easy to see why they would instantly strike anyone. They also have a rich culture and fascinating history, and they have exquisite landscapes and buildings as proof.

Morocco is a North-African country with a highly conservative and religious population. Although the predominant religion is Islam, there are Christians and Jews in Morocco also. The society is very traditional, especially in rural areas, so they favor patriarchal ways of thinking and living. Women are seen as sacred and people that should be hidden away from public view, and sex is a taboo. In fact, sexual relations with someone that you’re not married to is not only a thing of shame, but an act that could get you into trouble with the authorities. 

Girls in Morocco

In Morocco, most girls are raised to aspire to marriage, but marrying foreigners is scarce. Even if a Moroccan single agrees to date you, it would be a very private affair. The families cannot get wind of it, lest all hell is let loose because Moroccan families prefer their children to marry locally. Most marriages are arranged between the bride and groom’s families, with the help of a matchmaker or a khatba. Courtship or dating is not allowed or is highly frowned upon, at best. 

Even if the women want to date, the stigma associated with premarital sexual relations will curb them. To Moroccans, a girl does not transition into a ‘woman’ by puberty; she becomes a woman by marrying and then consummating the union (ONLY in marriage). Respect for women is determined by marital status, so many of them strive towards that.

Dating Moroccan Singles

Morocco is a communal state where everyone is a gatekeeper of the culture, so people expose those who break the rules. One such rule is that unmarried Moroccan couples cannot, under any circumstances, share a room. Most hotels do not allow it and will ask for a marriage certificate before they admit any Moroccan couple that claims to be married.

If you find singles in Morocco that have the hots for you, you both may never really do anything about that physical attraction because it would be a hard task to get in a private place with little chances of having someone rat you out. Don’t be surprised if they kick your door down FBI-style and drag the poor girl out.

African Online Dating

However, since the invention and subsequent popularity of online dating, more Moroccans are becoming open-minded and progressive towards dating. Of course, that revolution does not include the older generation and the new crop of Moroccans mostly hide their online dating activities from their parents. 

But, overall, Moroccan dating sites like TrulyAfrican give people an out. It’s easy to find and talk with prospects, without having to deal with uncomfortable stares and glances that would otherwise have been the case if you were meeting them physically.

African dating sites like TrulyAfrican have made the dating game a lot easier for Moroccans in that way. Physical dates are only necessary if you both have made a connection online. 

Many of the traditional Moroccan girls are painfully shy because of the nature of their upbringing, but it is becoming more common for even them to have voices of their own. Moroccan women are very diverse, and it would be unfair (and untrue) to measure them all by the same yardstick. Some women would even come on to you and show their interest, and that’s very unlike the traditional Moroccan lady.

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How to Date a Moroccan

When it comes to interracial dating, we are sure that the key is understanding each other. It is easy to believe stereotypes and have your mind swayed by rumor. But if you decide to observe carefully, you’ll see that many differences are surmountable.

From Morocco to Timbuktu, we all just want to be loved and understood. Let’s get right into helping you understand Moroccan singles, and maybe that will make afro dating all the more enjoyable for you.

1. Acknowledge your differences

You’re a foreigner, and your ways are different. The best foot to start when dating Moroccans is to accept this simple fact. There are some things that you will do that will shock your partner to the bones, whereas those things are just normal to you. And vice versa. These will be either significant things that will require you two to have a meaningful talk or minor things that you both will laugh over.

As much as possible, try not to change your partner to become like you. They are themselves because they act the way they do, and trying to make them conform to your own ways of life is just selfish. 

2. Be sensitive to their needs

Because of the many rules that your partner may have to live by, you may have to compromise. Get comfortable with meeting your partner in the middle, so that you can both enjoy your time together. This can manifest in many ways during your dating. For example, if you’re dating a girl that still stays with her family (and many of them do), you have to get comfortable with the fact that you two may not have many late-night dates. If you throw a tantrum every time your partner has to leave early, you’re just being inconsiderate. Also, your Moroccan partner may not let you meet their family, even if things have gotten pretty serious between you two. It’s probably an avoidance tactic because traditional Moroccan parents don’t allow their children to marry foreigners if they can help it. 

3. Communicate

With Moroccan dating, or even any kind of dating at all, communication is essential. You’ll need to keep your partner updated about how you’re feeling about the relationship at all times and ensure that they do the same. Many things can cause rifts and misunderstandings if they’re left unsaid, and in an interracial relationship, many things can get lost in translation and ruin a bond if they’re not spoken about. 

Learn your partner’s peculiarities; after all, they’re still human, whether Moroccan or American. If you keep an open mind and genuinely understand their choices based on the demands of their culture, things will be a lot easier.

4. Dress Appropriately

“If you’re in Rome, act like the Romans”. Well, we’ll also say if you’re in Morocco, act like the Moroccans. Morocco is a conservative country, so they frown at indecent exposure of skin. Because they’re mostly Muslims, that means covering up from your neck to knees if you’re a woman. If you’re a man dating a single Moroccan woman, don’t expect or pressure her to dress seductively, because that may not happen. Conduct yourself properly because you’ll attract negative attention to yourself if you stand out oddly among them. 

5. Find common ground

Nothing is as tried and true as bonding with someone over shared values or interests. When the differences threaten to separate you, these may be the glue that would still hold you two together. Find out if its a game, or a mutual favorite movie, or the same hobby of walking in the park to clear your heads. If you can, learn the other person’s language, no matter how little of it you can understand. It will show your partner that you’re committed to making things work between you both, and that will definitely encourage them to put in more effort too.

6. Hands-off

As we said before, Moroccans are not big fans of PDA. A brief hug or kiss on the cheek can go unnoticed in urban areas, but heavy make-outs or leaning into each other on the streets could raise more than a few eyebrows. 

In Morocco, homosexuality is illegal, and it is a jail crime, so if you get the hots for a fellow male or female Moroccan single, Morocco is not the place to act out on it. Your love may literally land you in jail, and believe us, that’s only sweet in song lyrics.

Our Message of Hope

After you have understood the peculiarities of dating a Moroccan, it becomes straightforward from there. It’s now up to you to decide if the effort is worth the work of staying together. But then, dating is not easy anywhere, and love is love whether you find it on an African online dating site or on the streets of New Jersey.

Hopefully, all our tips on how to date a Moroccan will guide you to find true love with your Moroccan partner. We’re rooting for you!

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