6 Signs You’ve Come Across A Tunisian Dating Scam

While online dating and social media platforms have increased in popularity as resources for finding love and friendship, they’ve also grown in popularity as platforms for online dating scammers who run their own Tunisian dating scam.

Although some people have had great success with online dating, there are some risks to be aware of so that your search for love does not cost you emotionally, physically, or financially.

If you are searching for love on a Tunisian dating website such as TrulyAfrican, it’s essential to be vigilant. Like any other country, a Tunisian dating scam is no different. Dating scammers prey on people searching for romantic relationships, often through dating websites, applications, or social networks, by posing as potential partners. 

If you are an online dating user searching for a potential partner on Tunisian dating websites and apps, keep the following warning signs and tips in mind to avoid being a target of a Tunisian dating scam.

What to Watch Out For

Scammers who specialize in social deception and can sound very persuasive are known as online dating scammers. Since the scammer is attempting to gain your trust before exploiting you, many of the signs of an online dating scammer are complex and subtle. Check out the following Tunisian dating scam signs:

1. They profess their love right away

When an online dating scammer displays strong emotions in a brief time, it’s usually the first sign of a Tunisian dating scam. They may even claim to be in love with you, but it’s just a ruse to get you to share personal information and the details to the security questions you use to protect your online accounts. Be cautious if a new love interest requests personal information soon after making contact.

2. Their online dating profile has red flags

When looking at a possible match’s online dating profile, there are several things to keep an eye out for. The following are some common characteristics of an online dating scammer’s profile:

  • There are very few pictures in their profiles, and those tend to be model or celebrity stock photos.
  • They work or live overseas, even though you are searching for singles in the current city you’re residing in.
  • Many con artists claim to be serving in the military in another country.

On dating applications, con artists and bots will have extremely restricted profile data. They additionally will only have a couple of photographs and don’t connect their profile to other social media platforms like their Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 

3. They keep trying to move the conversation to another platform

Dating scammers who prey on catfishing victims will encourage you to move to a different type of communication outside of the site where you initially met. Scammers often prefer to speak through chat messages on Skype or Facebook. They can, however, choose to communicate with you via SMS or a messaging app such as Whatsapp as well. Anyone you haven’t met who wants to shift the conversation to a personal platform should be avoided.

4. They always have a reason for why they can’t meet you

A typical line in a Tunisian dating scam is that they would love to meet you, but when the time comes, something unexpected always happens. 

The scammer does not want to meet face to face because they are not who they pretend to be. This is likewise the motivation behind why such countless dating scammers tell you that they work in another country or be on a military mission since it gives them a reason for not having the option to meet with you. Numerous of these scammers use photographs of military staff and officers on their profiles.

The failure to meet you may also be why they want to extort money from a victim in the first place. They will say that they need funds to purchase a plane ticket to meet you. They’ll also say that customs officers arrested them and that they require money to be released.

5. They avoid video calls at all costs

Most online dating scammers avoid connecting with you through phone calls or using video chat programs like Skype. They fear that you may recognize their accent, and their true identities will be exposed. Regardless, a catfish would never show up in video chat because they use fake profile photos. You can be a victim of a Tunisian dating scam if your match refuses to participate in video chat or still makes reasons about their camera being defective.

Most smartphones now come with built-in front cameras, making video chatting a breeze. Online dating sites such as TrulyAfrican have their video chat feature built into their website, allowing users to communicate with one another. Although some may be unable to participate in a video chat at first due to shyness, if someone expresses love but refuses to speak to you over video chat after weeks of exchanging messages, it’s always a red flag.

6. They ask you for money or personal information

An online dating scammer would almost certainly ask for money from you, as this is the main objective of most scammers. They might concoct several situations, such as family issues, medical problems, or travel concerns. 

Particularly cunning scammers can also manipulate you into giving them money by pretending to provide you with a package that needs shipping charges. Some of them even ask for financial assistance or investment in their imaginary business. Keep in mind that they don’t always work alone, so if you get a call or files from someone claiming as a third-party asking for money, you are most likely tied in a Tunisian dating scam.

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How to Avoid a Tunisian Dating Scam

Dating websites and applications can be beneficial when it comes to meeting new people. When engaging with potential love interests, however, caution is advised. Here are a few tips to help you prevent being a victim of a scam:

1. Never share your personal information

If you share personal details with someone you barely know, such as your full name, birth date, and home address, you never know what they’ll do with it. Likewise, avoid sharing personal information online with people you already meet, as you might end up disclosing it to a scam artist posing as them. When creating a user name on a dating website, be careful not to include personal details such as your address, like ‘SamFromVienna.’

On the other hand, you can use an online dating website that keeps your personal information private until you are ready to share it. This includes information like your contact number, email address, and home address.

2. If they bring up money, run

No matter how compelling their story is, don’t ever send or receive money from someone you’ve only recently met online. This applies equally for cash and your banking information, credit card, and other financial documents. If the request comes from someone you believe you know, it’s highly advised to double-check with them offline, either via SMS or a phone call, to make sure it’s coming from them.

3. Stick to reputable dating sites

Scam artists like to get their illegal activities off of legitimate dating websites as quickly as possible. They’ll most likely try to get you to communicate with them via personal email, social media, or text messages. This is done to ensure that there is no evidence of them requesting you for money on the dating website. If you feel like you’re chatting with an online dating scammer, don’t hesitate to report their profile to the dating website and immediately block them to avoid future contact. 

4. Evaluate your online identity

A few common cybersecurity guidelines will help you avoid falling victim to online scams. Take into account that the more information you share, the more scammers can learn about you and how to deceive you. 

As a result, consider using different usernames on dating sites or even separate emails to protect your privacy. Be cautious about what you share on social media—online dating scammers are smart enough to track down your personal Facebook or Instagram.

5. Set up a video call before you meet them in person

Seeing your potential partner’s face will help you figure out whether they’re real or not. As a result, set up a video chat with your potential partner as soon as possible. If they pass up the chance, they may be an online dating scammer. 

Never meet with someone face to face if you haven’t seen them through a video call for security purposes. If you are meeting with them, let your family and friends know who you’re with and where you’re meeting them. Also, note that it’s always a good idea to meet in a public place.

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In Summary

When looking for a love interest in Tunisia, use caution on online dating sites to avoid falling victim to a Tunisian dating scam. Online dating is fun and exciting, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful. Always remember that safety should be your top priority.

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