Dating A Tunisian Man: Expectations Vs Reality

It’s a match! You’ve finally found your ideal partner on a Tunisian dating site like TrulyAfrican. Interracial dating is getting progressively more common around the world. Accordingly, singles are bound to cross racial lines looking for their perfect partner. And just like any other culture, dating a Tunisian man comes with its own set of traditions and standards. Given the negative media portrayal of Tunisian men, it should come as no surprise that the general public has a poor opinion of them. 

But people’s stereotypes about them aren’t always true! There are a couple of factors and aspects to consider while dating outside of your race. However, once you understand them, you’ll be well headed to meeting wonderful individuals from varying backgrounds. The right Tunisian man can be a sweet and caring partner. Tunisian men are very interested in serious relationships that lead to marriage, so flings and casual hookups are not in their vocabulary. 

If you’re looking to date Tunisian men and don’t know what to expect, we’ll certainly guide you with that. Read through this piece and learn all the things you need to know when dating a Tunisian man.

What You Need to Know About Dating A Tunisian Man

A person’s perspective on life is often affected by their upbringing. Since you and your partner have opposing beliefs, this may lead to certain struggles. Factors such as relationship expectations, love, and respect that are seen as you grow up all play a role in the relationships you form as an adult. It would help if you learned about your partner’s culture to minimize interpersonal differences. 

Expectation: Tunisian men don’t like to show off

Reality: They like to display their power, especially in front of their family, partner, and partner’s family. If a Tunisian man sees his partner carrying heavy items, he will not hesitate to demonstrate his strength and help his partner.

Likewise, if you tell a Tunisian man he can’t do something, he’ll just show you that you’re wrong and do it for you. When dating a Tunisian man, he appreciates it when you acknowledge and praise his efforts.

Expectation: Tunisian men only speak Arabic

Reality: They can speak multiple languages. The official language is Arabic, and most of the population speaks a Tunisian dialect of the language. In schools, students are taught Modern Standard Arabic.

Because of the improvement in education, French, which was introduced during the protectorate in 1881–1956, became more widely used only after independence. In the press, education, and government, continues to play a significant role. English and Italian, to a minor extent, are also used as lingua francas.

Tunisian men can generally communicate in French, English, Italian, Tunisian dialect, and Arabic because it is required of them in school to learn at least 4-5 languages.

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Expectation: They are not big fans of food

Reality: When dating a Tunisian man, know that they have a hearty appetite and love food very much! And they especially love women who cook too. In Tunisia, it is customary for women to prepare meals for their families, so Tunisian men will expect you to be able to cook, as his love for food is equal to his love for you.

The cuisine of Tunisia is incredibly tasty. It’s a delicious mix of Mediterranean (primarily French and Italian) and North African influences. If you plan on learning Tunisian cuisine, it’s better to take a few cooking classes. Their traditional and most notable Tunisian dish is called Brik, and Tunisian men love this dish!

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Expectation: They don’t take the lead in a relationship

Reality: When dating a Tunisian man, understand that it’s in their culture to be the alpha in the relationship. In the family, men should take the lead and be responsible. It’s a culture from North Africa in general and Tunisia in particular. It is a grave mistake in Tunisian culture for a man not to take the lead at all. It implies that they have abdicated all decision-making responsibility. It’s a vulnerable place to be in, and it demonstrates a serious lack of confidence.

If the man in the relationship does not take the lead, she would be required to do so. And the man’s lack of leadership would either contribute to the breakup of the relationship.

Expectation: Tunisian men don’t have hobbies

Reality: When you’re dating a Tunisian man, you might as well be cheering for his football team! Tunisian men are crazy for football. The Eagles of Carthage, their national team, won the 2004 African Cup of Nations, which they hosted. They’ve already participated in four FIFA World Cups as well. So when it’s the peak season for football, it’s best to watch and support your Tunisian man’s football teams and enjoy it with some beverages and food.

Aside from football, Tunisian men are also crazy for handball. Their national team has competed in several Handball World Championships, and they also held the 2005 Handball World Championship, finishing fourth. They have also dominated the African Cup nine times. The last time they won the championship was in 2018.

Learning a few significant things about Tunisian teams winning in local and international leagues will make your man fall for you even more! Nothing’s better than having a significant other who is also knowledgeable about his favorite sports.

Expectation: You can keep your male friends while dating a Tunisian man

Reality: Tunisian men are very jealous and protective. Most Tunisian men find it difficult to consider their potential partner’s involvement in others and experiences with them. Jealousy arises from two sources: the fear of losing the person they love to somebody else and a partner’s intuition. Jealousy stems from affection, and it can be both sweet and good.

If your partner is Tunisian, he will act as a street bodyguard for you. He will always want to defend you and will go to great lengths to demonstrate to everyone that you are his. The majority of Tunisians are envious of other men and dislike it when they hear other men speak to their wives or girlfriends. If you’re walking down the street and come across another man, expect your Tunisian man to take the side where the other man is walking.

Tunisian men are also known to be protective, so when you cross the street, except that he will walk on the side where the car is coming from, so he can protect you.

Expectation: Tunisian men don’t care about their families

Reality: When dating a Tunisian man, you must know that they are very close with their families. Families in Tunisia are typically patriarchal, conservative, and close-knit. The family is the most important element in Tunisian culture, and it plays a significant role in all social interactions.

The majority of households are based on the nuclear family culture, in which roles are allocated based on age, sex, and specific attributes. However, changes in education and careers have influenced this situation. So when you’re with your Tunisian man, you will be dating most of his family as well.

Expectation: They don’t mind being disrespected

Reality: Tunisian men don’t like or tolerate disrespect. Don’t even think to be on his wrong side because it will turn out badly. And it’s not just about disrespecting him – if you disrespect his family, his culture, and his country, your relationship will most likely fall apart. Accepting cultural differences is very important, especially when trying new things such as interracial dating.

Expectation: Tunisian men are always rude

Reality: When dating a Tunisian man, know that they will always respect you, his loved ones, and all other people in general. If you’re meeting with a Tunisian man for the first time, they will feel shy in front of you and will not do anything to offend or scare you off. 

Respect begins with being kind and courteous, and Tunisian men practice these traits in their everyday lives, not only in relationships. Aside from that, they must pay close attention to you, especially when you’re talking, so that they could learn more about you.

Expectation: Tunisian men are discourteous

Reality: Tunisian men are notable for being a gentleman especially to their partners. When you’re dating a Tunisian man, he will treat you and will pay for everything. They will never accept if their partner will pay for something for them. It’s in their culture to provide for their families, so being a gentleman to their partner is a tradition. 

If you both would like to move your relationship to the next level with marriage, Tunisian men are usually pay for the whole wedding.


Tunisia’s culture is a mix of progressive and conservative traditions. The vast majority of the population is still Muslim, and such “haram” acts are not common. Dating a Tunisian man may be a little different from any other Western culture. Still, if you learn to accept and respect your differences, you will certainly have a happy relationship with the help of our guide above!

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