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Meet Ghana Singles in 3 Easy Steps

6 August 2018

The fact that Ghana not only has awesome tourist spots, the Ghanaian people are also one of the most beautiful in Africa. When you want to meet and date singles from Ghana, you’d have to know that Ghanaians are unique in their own ways.

They are:

  • God-fearing
  • Fluent English speakers
  • Into spicy food

You might be wondering if you can really meet Ghanaian singles with just 3 steps.

Yes, that’s right!

The 3 crucial steps to meet singles and here they are:

  1. Know where to look for Ghana women seeking men

    Aside from the obvious answer to the question..

    Where can I meet Ghanaian singles?

    When you should be asking the question..

    Where do I meet Ghanaian singles who are looking for love and are interested in dating?

    Luckily for you, we’ve narrowed it down to two of the best places to meet and date single Ghana women.

    A smilling Ghanaian woman

    • Accra

      As the capital city of Ghana with more than 1.5M people, it is a great place to look for independent women and urbanized singles as long as you know where in Accra to look for ideal women.

      So where can I look for them?

      • The Best Bars & Clubs

        There are several good bars and clubs in Accra, but the best ones that stood out are:

        • One2One Bar at the Mövenpick Hotel
        • Rockstone’s Office
        • Firely Lounge Bar
        • Carbon

        When you do meet singles in bars and clubs, make sure they really are single, you’re polite, and sober enough to make up a good conversation.

      • Malls

        Public places are a great option to meet singles of all ages and personalities. Another place in Accra to meet Ghana women are malls. Here is a list of the best ones.

        • Marina Mall
        • A & C Shopping Centre
        • Accra Mall
        • Junction Mall

        The Ghana women you’ll meet here are either shopping, hanging out with their girlfriends, and spending time at coffee shops either studying or reading a book.

      • The Beach

        Not just any beach. But the Labadi Beach.

        Who wouldn’t want to see sexy Ghanaian women wearing bathing suits and having the time of their lives while strolling around the beach? What’s more, you can introduce yourself to them, talk to them, and if all goes well, you can take them out for a date.

        While in Labadi Beach, you could see people on all colors. From local Ghanaians to tourists from around the world.

        Or if you want to take a special Ghanaian lady out on a date, take her to Ladera Beach.

    • Join this African dating site with singles in Ghana

      If you find going to Ghana a little bit of a hassle or expensive, there is another way for you to meet single Ghana women. And that is through TrulyAfrican.

      Using TrulyAfrican to meet singles all over Africa is as easy as 1-2-3. In there, you can meet singles not only from Accra, but also from Kumasi, Sekondi-Takoradi, Cape Coast, Tamale, Tema, Obuasi, Sunyani, and many others.

      This is an even greater and more convenient way to meet Ghanaian ladies looking for marriage.

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  2. Are you ready to find the one? - TrulyAfrican

  3. Know what you’re looking for

    Before you actually look out for your ideal partner, look into yourself first and figure out what relationship you want.

    Are you looking for a serious relationship?

    A casual one?

    Or maybe you’re looking for someone to marry?

    A couple talking in a bench

    Once you’ve determined that, it will be easier for you to meet Ghana singles because you can only focus on people who are also looking for the same relationship as you.

    If you’re dating online, you can see your match probability with other users on TrulyAfrican. In there, you will see if you match their preferences or if they match yours. An overall match percentage will also be there.

    Dating is hard in its self. But don’t make it any harder for you to find compatible matches just because you’re confused with your relationship goals.

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  4. Know your commitment level

    As what Global Seducer said on his blog about dating Ghanaian women:

    “Ghanaian women are looking for marriage. Period.”

    When Ghanaian women date, they date with marriage in mind. They believe in the idea of love so they’ll never stop looking for a man who they think is marriage material.

    An interracial couple who just got married

    This goes back to the previous topic that we talked about. You’ve got to know what type of relationship you’re looking for. If you’re not yet ready for a serious one, then dating Ghanaian singles might not be the best option for you. But if you’re looking to settle down, reach out to beautiful Ghanaian women and prove to her that you’re the ideal man she’s waiting for.

The Takeaway

Did this article make you want to meet and date Ghanaian women all the more? With their caring nature, religious values, and commitment to finding their ideal man, they are the perfect match for any man who’s looking to settle down with their ideal woman.

Whether you decide to meet singles in Accra or on Ghanaian dating sites, you'd still have to figure out the type of relationship you want and the level of commitment that you can provide in the relationship first.

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