Tiffany and Jason’s Success Story on TrulyAfrican

TrulyAfrican Tiffany and Jason's Success Story

This article is based on Tiffany’s story on which she proudly shared on TrulyAfrican.

Tiffany and Jason met on TrulyAfrican. Just like any other couple that met online, they had to undergo a long distance relationship first. But to make it work, they had to invest lots of patience and mutual understanding. Here is a portion of Tiffany’s story:

“I met Jason on this website and I can say that we had a very cool and relaxed relationship when we started dating. He contacted me first, he was very nice unlike all the other men who messaged me. We used to chat for hours. The distance was hard at first but eventually we got better at it. Now we’re finally together and we’re planning to start our own family. Thank you TrulyAfrican family! We are both so happy!!”

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