Marcus and Zula’s Success Story on TrulyAfrican

TrulyAfrican Marcus and Zula's Success Story

This article is based on Marcus’s story on which he proudly shared on TrulyAfrican.

Marcus was not a believer of online dating. He found it a waste of money and time. But then he met Zula on TrulyAfrican. Here is a section of Marcus’ story:

“I was once a non-believer in online dating sites. But then I decided to give it a chance. At first I was very reluctant to talk to anyone. All I did was browse profiles. While I was browsing, a girl caught my eye and I decided to contact her. I knew that her country was very far but I visited her anyway. I stayed in Nigeria for three weeks with her and I had the time of my life. She turned me into a better version of myself. Thanks to TrulyAfrican”

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